Risk assessment of mental stress

Definition of Curiosity

Intentional meaning: To be dominated by the desire to experience something specific, to enter into matters and areas

Synonym: anticipation, eagerness to learn, thirst for knowledge


















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Economic activity is changing, becoming more complex and faster. Due to the constant digitalization of the world of work there is less and less time for change processes. Demands on working people increase enormously and lead to high personal demands. Digitalization, health, demographic change and a shortage of skilled workers pose enormous challenges for companies and individuals.

The future belongs to companies that discover and promote the talents and skills of their employees. And those people who are able to clearly express their personal and professional goals and implement them within the company can look forward to a desirable future. We offer you methods to achieve this. The importance of people in the company is growing rapidly. Consider this development as an opportunity and accept the resulting challenges.

We will be happy to support you in doing so:

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